Truffle desserts

Truffle desserts

We can surprise you with combinations and funny recipes. In our selection you will find: truffle honey, honey and figs with truffles, truffle chocolate. These products, used as ingredients, will allow you to make delicious sweets with the diamond of the forest.

What are our favourite

truffle desserts

? Ricotta cheese with crumble, honey and figs with truffles and the revisited tiramisù.

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  1. Honey and truffle dressing

    40 g
    € 9.95
    For fresh and aged cheese or with ice cream or as ingredient for cakes. Learn More
  2. Summer truffle-flavoured butter sauce

    80 g
    € 10.50
    Excellent for sandwiches and toast, pasta and rice, white and red meat or for replacing common butter in cooking. Learn More
  3. Dried figs and honey with truffle

    250 g, 125 g
    € 9.00
    For fresh and aged cheese, with ice cream. Learn More
  4. Multipack di Miele italiano e tartufo

    40 g
    Special Price € 48.00 Regular Price € 59.70
    Acquista uno dei nostri multipack di Miele italiano e tartufo, avrai il 20% di sconto sul prezzo... Learn More