First courses with truffle

First courses with truffle

The first courses are classic dishes for truffle lovers: from tagliolini to rice, the great pici, the traditional and delicious polenta, result of ancient traditions.


first courses with truffles

can be tasted inside our places but they are also the easiest dishes to make at home, just using the Savini Tartufi products.

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  1. Truffle-flavoured rice

    250 g
    € 8.00
    Add the “Truffle-fl. Rice” in a large saucepan with a pre-heated trickle of olive oil and let it brown for... Learn More
  2. Mousse with cod and truffle

    90 g
    € 8.15
    Suitable for pasta, polenta and toasted bread. Learn More
  3. Sauce with salmon and truffle

    90 g
    € 8.15
    Suitable for toasted bread, pasta, risotto and carpaccio. Learn More
  4. Cream with Parmigiano Reggiano and truffle

    90 g, 180 g
    € 9.25
    Suitable for toasted bread or polenta, on pasta and for enriching main dishes. Learn More
  5. Bruschetta sauce with summer truffle

    180 g
    € 10.40
    Delicious on toasted bruschetta and long noodles. Learn More
  6. Fondue with bianchetto truffle

    90 g
    € 11.40
    For elegant toast and sandwiches, wonderful risotto, timbales of spinach or other vegetables, eggs and omelets, roasted... Learn More
  7. Truffle gatherer's sauce

    90 g, 180 g
    € 7.50
    Alone or in sandwiches and canapés, pasta or boiled meat, mixed with sauces or creamy cheese. Learn More
  8. Spicy olive paté with summer truffle

    90 g
    € 6.90
    Summer for canapés and appetizers, pasta, rice, eggs and meat. Learn More
  9. Basil pesto with truffle

    90 g, 180 g
    € 8.00
    Classic recipe enriched by our truffle. Ideal for starters and pasta. Learn More