Appetizers and starters with truffle

Appetizers and starters with truffle

Our hero? Small peaches picked still green from the tree and flavored with truffle.
Appetizing, multi-sensory and surprising Dwarf peaches.

They are the stars of our

truffle aperitif


For those who love traditional products but anyway gourmet, we can suggest various combinations with sauces, spreads and why not, luxurious pâtés.

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  1. Kit aperitivo

    € 26.20
    Il sole che scende e le risate che salgono. Bicchieri che tintinnano e il cielo e la tavola che si colorano di festa.... Learn More
  2. Truffle gatherer's sauce

    90 g, 180 g
    € 7.50
    Alone or in sandwiches and canapés, pasta or boiled meat, mixed with sauces or creamy cheese. This item can't... Learn More
  3. Spicy olive paté with summer truffle

    90 g
    € 6.90
    Summer for canapés and appetizers, pasta, rice, eggs and meat. Learn More
  4. Basil pesto with truffle

    90 g, 180 g
    € 8.00
    Classic recipe enriched by our truffle. Ideal for starters and pasta. Learn More
  5. Truffle-flavoured anchovy fillets

    € 10.70
    Tasty and delicious for appetizers and snacks, serve with a little butter. This item can't be shipped to the U.S.A. Learn More
  6. Sliced truffle in oil

    30 g
    € 17.15
    Already sliced for toast, pasta and rice, carpaccio and scallops, salads and omelettes. This item can't be shipped to... Learn More
  7. Summer-truffle flavoured little peaches

    180 g
    € 10.95
    They are the perfect combination to a sparkling wine and cocktail. Learn More
  8. Truffle-flavoured mayonnaise

    90 g
    € 10.70
    To use as combination to boiled meat and excellent with burgers or tartare. This item can't be shipped to the U.S.A. Learn More
  9. Truffle flavored crisps

    40 g, 100 g
    € 2.30
    An Amazing snack, with truffle Learn More