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  1. Dried figs and honey with truffle

    250 g, 125 g
    € 9.00
    For fresh and aged cheese, with ice cream. Learn More
  2. Summer truffle in brine

    15 g
    € 10.20
    We recommend to use our natural truffles with their liquid and to combine th em with a truffle-flavoured. This item... Learn More
  3. Truffle-flavoured mayonnaise

    90 g
    € 10.70
    To use as combination to boiled meat and excellent with burgers or tartare. This item can't be shipped to the U.S.A. Learn More
  4. Le Spalmabili

    € 24.00
    Three 90g jars in a wooden box recalling woods, the home land of delicious truffles. Package content:Basil pesto... Learn More
  5. Truffle flavored crisps

    100 g
    € 4.50
    An Amazing snack, with truffle Learn More
  6. Stainless steel truffle slicer

    € 32.00
    This item can't be shipped to the U.S.A. Learn More
  7. Il Giovanotto

    € 29.50
    The nice knapsack with the logo Savini Tartufi on holds the ingredients for ideal appetizer of a real young... Learn More
  8. Truffle tagliolini Kit

    € 25.50 Regular Price € 29.15
    Timelessfirs course with trugffle. A marriage between pasta and the diamond of the woods can be the summary of this... Learn More
  9. Box Pizza

    € 19.90
    A special box containing all the necessary to make a pizza with truffle and gourmet ingredients. The recipe: truffle... Learn More