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  1. Bruschetta sauce with summer truffle

    180 g
    € 10.40
    Delicious on toasted bruschetta and long noodles. Learn More
  2. Artichoke cream with truffle

    90 g, 180 g
    € 6.90
    Delicate and refined in starters and delicious in risotto. Learn More
  3. I Condimenti dolci e salati

    € 18.50
    An unusual pairing, switching from sweet to salty to savour the nature and the truffle in your dishes. Package content:... Learn More
  4. Mousse with cod and truffle

    90 g
    € 8.15
    Suitable for pasta, polenta and toasted bread. This item can't be shipped to the U.S.A. Learn More
  5. Cream with Parmigiano Reggiano and truffle

    90 g, 180 g
    € 9.70
    Suitable for toasted bread or polenta, on pasta and for enriching main dishes. Learn More
  6. Fondue with bianchetto truffle

    90 g, 180 g
    € 11.40
    For elegant toast and sandwiches, wonderful risotto, timbales of spinach or other vegetables, eggs and omelets, roasted... Learn More
  7. Truffle gatherer's sauce

    90 g, 180 g
    € 7.50
    Alone or in sandwiches and canapés, pasta or boiled meat, mixed with sauces or creamy cheese. This item can't... Learn More
  8. Spicy olive paté with summer truffle

    90 g
    € 6.90
    Summer for canapés and appetizers, pasta, rice, eggs and meat. Learn More
  9. Basil pesto with truffle

    90 g, 180 g
    € 8.00
    Classic recipe enriched by our truffle. Ideal for starters and pasta. Learn More