Picnic al tartufo

Picnic al tartufo

Kit L'immancabile Re Tartufo

Kit L'immancabile Re Tartufo

Truffle Academy

An academy to become a true expert about the diamond of the forest

Classroom lesson to learn about the origins, types and secrets of the truffle word. A basic course to become a true expert on the delicious underground mushroom. In addition to this, the experience includes truffle hunting, in the woods, with dog and truffle hunter, a tasting lunch and a truffle shopper.

The course is dedicated to all truffle enthusiasts, chefs, restaurateurs, social media managers, ... all people who wish to acquire knowledge about this world for personal pleasure or because it is required in the profession they carry out.



Meeting at the company at 10.00 am

Truffle hunting in the woods (duration about 1.5 / 2h) and lunch with tasting menu to follow

Lesson in the classroom (lasting about 2 hours) to learn about the truffle and acquire the tools to better communicate the truffle through digital tools.

Comfortable clothing and shoes are required for searching in the woods.


For more information:
Truffle Academy | Savini Tartufi or write us at taste@savinitartufi.it or call +39 0587 628037.
After purchase you can book your Truffle Academy within the following 6 months, checking available dates writing to taste@savinitartufi.it or by calling +39 0587 628037.

The price is per person.

Experience availabe until 12/30/2022.

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