Truffle specialties

Truffle specialties

It may come as a surprise to you discovering that the diamond of the forest can be paired with the most varied foods.

It goes from the Dwarf peaches - small peaches picked still unripe from the tree-to honey. Both are products born from tradition, specialties made thanks to the creativity of people who love the products that mother nature offers us.

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  1. “Zolfini” beans with truffle

    290 g
    € 11.50
    The absolute Tuscan side-dish: on a bruschetta with their liquid and a little olive oil on top! Learn More
  2. Truffle-flavoured anchovy fillets

    100 g
    € 10.70
    Tasty and delicious for appetizers and snacks, serve with a little butter. Learn More
  3. Mustard with black truffle

    90 g
    € 12.95
    For boiled meat with sauces and creamy cheese. Learn More
  4. Honey and truffle dressing

    40 g, 120 g
    € 9.95
    For fresh and aged cheese or with ice cream or as ingredient for cakes. Learn More
  5. Summer-truffle flavoured little peaches

    180 g, 500 g
    € 10.95
    They are the perfect combination to a sparkling wine and cocktail. Learn More
  6. Dried figs and honey with truffle

    125 g
    € 11.40
    For fresh and aged cheese, with ice cream. Learn More
  7. Truffle-flavoured mayonnaise

    90 g
    € 10.70
    To use as combination to boiled meat and excellent with burgers or tartare. Learn More
  8. Truffle flavored crisps

    40 g, 100 g
    € 2.30
    An Amazing snack, with truffle Learn More
  9. Il Giovanotto

    € 19.90 Regular Price € 29.50
    The nice knapsack with the logo Savini Tartufi on holds the ingredients for ideal appetizer of a real young... Learn More