Friends Products

Friends Products

Seven friends, all of whom are producers and ‘interpreters’ of the most virtuous Italian gastronomy businesses, are combining their individual talents and working together in order to achieve some ambitious goals: excellence in product quality and originality of image, in all cases a highly distinctive one. 

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  1. Cantuccini - Almond biscuits

    500 g
    € 10.70
    Since 1858 Mattei began the production of typical sweets in the historical centre of Prato. Cantuccini (Almond... Learn More
  2. Balsamic vinegar of Modena IGP

    250 ml
    € 35.00
    The production of this gem in the Italian gastronomy is typical of different kinds of balsamic vinegars. The products... Learn More
  3. Opera mastra - Evo

    500 ml
    € 13.80
    Ursini is a family dedicated to olive trees and their fruits. Since the 19° century they are considered experts in... Learn More
  4. Spaghetti - Durum wheat semolina pasta

    500 g
    € 2.90
    Mancini company produces his handcraft pasta, using durum wheat semolina and the wheat is cultivated by itself. The... Learn More
  5. Romeo e Giulietta - Green tea

    100 g
    € 14.40
    This company was born in 1961 thanks to Alfredo Carrai, who was the first to promote the culture of drinking tea Italy.... Learn More
  6. Capers in extra-virgin olive oil

    100 g
    € 7.10
    Ready-to-use capers, small-sized so as to maintain their crunchiness despite being preserved in oil. Ideal for rice... Learn More
  7. Capers berries in extra-virgin olive oil

    100 g
    € 6.90
    Ready-to-use caperberries, medium-sized so as to maintain their fl eshy texture despite being preserved in oil. Ideal... Learn More
  8. Caper leaves in extra-virgin olive oil

    100 g
    € 7.10
    Carefully selected caper leaves, fi rm and crunchy, with just the right balance between savory and aromatic fl avors... Learn More