Coupon Sixth Continent

Coupon Sixth Continent

Durante il periodo Black Friday, il coupon potrà essere utilizzato soltanto nei seguenti casi:.

  1. Se il carrello contiene solo prodotti non scontati, senza vincoli di importo minimo
  2. Se il carrello contiene sia prodotti scontati che non, il valore dei prodotti non scontati deve essere di almeno € 40,00

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  1. Cream with Parmigiano Reggiano and truffle

    90 g, 180 g
    € 9.25
    Suitable for toasted bread or polenta, on pasta and for enriching main dishes. Learn More
  2. Bruschetta sauce with summer truffle

    180 g
    € 10.40
    Delicious on toasted bruschetta and long noodles. Learn More
  3. Summer truffle-flavoured salt

    30 g, 100 g
    € 6.90
    From meat to fish, not to mention fried or mashed potatoes. Unique for enhancing the flavour of fried eggs! Learn More
  4. Truffle gatherer's sauce

    90 g, 180 g
    € 7.50
    Alone or in sandwiches and canapés, pasta or boiled meat, mixed with sauces or creamy cheese. Learn More
  5. Uno per Uno

    € 12.00
    A truffle specialty to share with good company. Two savoury sauces for appetizing canapés or for... Learn More
  6. Le Spalmabili

    € 24.00
    Three 90g jars in a wooden box recalling woods, the home land of delicious truffles. Package content:Basil pesto... Learn More
  7. Il Giovanotto

    € 29.50
    The nice knapsack with the logo Savini Tartufi on holds the ingredients for ideal appetizer of a real young... Learn More
  8. I Condimenti dolci e salati

    € 18.50
    An unusual pairing, switching from sweet to salty to savour the nature and the truffle in your dishes. Package content:... Learn More