Tricolore Line

Truffle throughout the year. This is the motto that has led Luciano Savini while developing the Tricolore Line. He has made use of the different types of truffles to create appetizing recipes in order to allow truffle lovers to taste it in all the seasons.

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  1. Spicy olive paté with summer truffle

    90 g
    € 6.90
    Summer for canapés and appetizers, pasta, rice, eggs and meat. Learn More
  2. Summer truffle-flavoured salt

    30 g
    € 6.90
    From meat to fish, not to mention fried or mashed potatoes. Unique for enhancing the flavour of fried eggs! Learn More
  3. Artichoke cream with truffle

    90 g
    € 6.90
    Delicate and refined in starters and delicious in risotto. Learn More
  4. Chicken livers crostino with truffle

    90 g
    € 7.40
    Suitable for toasted bread, pasta, risotti, eggs and meat. Learn More
  5. Truffle gatherer's sauce

    90 g, 180 g
    € 7.50
    Alone or in sandwiches and canapés, pasta or boiled meat, mixed with sauces or creamy cheese. Learn More
  6. Basil pesto with truffle

    90 g, 180 g
    € 8.00
    Classic recipe enriched by our truffle. Ideal for starters and pasta. Learn More
  7. Truffle-flavoured rice

    250 g
    € 8.00
    Add the “Truffle-fl. Rice” in a large saucepan with a pre-heated trickle of olive oil and let it brown for... Learn More
  8. Sauce with salmon and truffle

    90 g
    € 8.15
    Suitable for toasted bread, pasta, risotto and carpaccio. Learn More
Savini Tartufi
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