Truffle flavored crisps 100g

Truffle flavored crisps 100g

Truffle crunch, 50g

Truffle crunch, 50g

Pizza Gourmet

A special box containing all the necessary to make a pizza with truffle and gourmet ingredients.

The recipe: truffle sauce, anchovies and cherry tomatoes pizza.
The box contain:

Pizza mix - 300g
Bruschetta sauce with summer truffle - 180g
Anchovy fillets of the Adriatic Sea in extra virgin olive oil - 22g
Sun-dried cherry tomato - 20g
Extra virgin olive oil - 20ml
Aluminium round pan - 2 pieces

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Truffle kits and gift ideas Confezioni regalo
Multipack No
Shelf life See the date on the box
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Plant Via G. Pascoli 6 - 24020 Gorle (BG)
Storage condition Store in a cool and dry place. Keep away from heat sources

Pizza mix - Ingredients: soft wheat flour type "2", soft wheat flour type "0", stone-ground soft whole wheat flour , natural soft wheat flour type "0" yeast powder, iodized salt
Wheat cultivation and milling country: Italy

Bruschetta sauce with summer truffle: Tomato condiment with summer truffle - Ingredients: tomato pulp 84%, olive oil, Italian summer truffle (Tuber aestivum Vitt.) 5%, herb, salt, flavouring, sugar, spice.

Anchovy fillets of the Adriatic Sea in extra virgin olive oil - Ingredients: anchovies 48% (Engraulis Encrasicolus, fishing area FAO 37.2.1 - Mar Adriatico). extra virgin olive oil 45%, salt

Sun-dried cherry tomato - Ingredients: sun-dried tomatoes (origin: Italy), salt

Extra virgin olive oil (Origin: Italy)

Nutrition Declaration per 100 g of product Grassi 9,56g (di cui saturi 1,46g), Carboidrati 40,04g (di cui zuccheri 3,61g), Fibre 5,2g, Proteine 8,59g, Sale 2,14g
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